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Dedicated to mother and father for completing twenty five years of togetherness on behalf of their loving children!

Looking upon that day with happiness and pride
When Dad, the groom and Mum, the bride,
Would have decided to annoy 😛 each other every day
In every possible way!
Before which marriage would have been the stuff of dreams
It all started then, though now, different it may seem.

One by one each year arrived,
Bringing with it both joys and strife.
You have been so humble and strong in seeing it through,
You set examples for many to see and do!
From next to nothing to what we are now,
You set a pace, most can not match.

You stood  by us and gave us strength to stand,
Showed us the path and held our hand.
What more could we say, just that you are the best!
You could easily beat Mount Everest,
If your every effort was stacked in a pile.
Of course, you could move even that just to see us smile.

Now, looking at today with happiness and pride,
At the wonderful journey of the once groom and bride.
Some dreams that you never imagined have come true,
Especially given the differences,
Ranging from the flavour of tea to buying a house new!
Even the car turned from grey to blue!
Bottom line, you have done it all together.
You’ll inspire us forever!
25 years of love and dedication:
It is a big achievement, deserves a big celebration.
So, congratulations and best wishes from the centre of our hearts
Do us a favour, let 25 be only a start!