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@Vrishti Chowdhry

Do you remember our everyday morning stroll,
Planning projects big and small?
Also remember someone defacing my doll????
But never mind.. 😛 😛
Lots of heartfelt wishes on your special day!
Happy birthday miss mischievous!

Happy birthday dear!!


If pain then gain?

Posted: December 30, 2012 in poem, poetry, self composed, Uncategorized

My first lesson,

My first step,

My first movie,

I do not remember any.

But I can distinguish between meanings of words many

And I can identify constellations when I look at a star lit sky.

Do you know why?

All that nurturing,

All that fondness,

All that belief,

Cannot be in vain.

I’ ll prove you right, that it was totally worth the pain.

Posted: December 21, 2012 in poem, poetry, self composed, Uncategorized

@Vrishti Chowdhry

Today is special of all the special days,
celebrating exuberance and innocence
in multiple ways…
Once a kid has grown old,
epitome of benevolence and elegance 😛
as per stories told.. 😉
There are so many reasons to rejoice,
pick any and cut the cake with
flavour of my choice! 😛 🙂