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Gone in love

Posted: February 13, 2013 in love, mom, poetry

I failed miserably

And all my confidence was gone-

All because I was in love;

And strategies did  not work

Investments  were all forgotten,

When I was in love.

My heart and soul all gone

For nothing.

Losses and more losses,

Moment by moment,

Nothing I gained-

The body curve showed a steep decline,

With  a deep pumping heart

And  eyes full  of dreams,

Brought me to the bottom line.



Posted: February 13, 2013 in mom, poetry

Knowing very well

You willl never reciprocate

I was  all prepared to bear  your hate.

They called me crazy

But  I was full  of joy,

Because from the pain of your face

I knew you had a  heart

That was compassionate.

And a day came

When you agrèed

And I thought I had won,

But you told me what love meant  to you-

Sacrifice, compassion and charity

Were the qualities that made you

I felt so small before  you

Because love  for  me

Was also a strategy

To use others’ emotions

To remain happy throughout life.

Beyond the rat race

Posted: February 6, 2013 in mom, poem, poetry

There was so little time,
And  so much to do.
What should I do
And how much to do?
World is full of opportunities, 
And I had  to be at the top.
I cared for none; 
I was ahead of everyone.
I tumbled,
I fumbled,
But never, for a while, stopped,
I never cried;  
I just wanted to 
Fly high and high.
I never experienced
Love or emotion.  
“Do they help you?”
Was my question;
When I was  at the top
The whole world beneath.
But from there,
I could not find
All  that I had left  behind.
From where I ran;
For what I ran;
From whom I ran? 
Came to me the question
That I could not answer. 
The whole world,
The  whole sky were there,
But I had nobody with  me.
I stood like a hilltop,
All alone, 
Cold and dry,
Waiting for another 
Sunrise  in the sky.

The warmth of the sun
Reminded me of the touch,
Which now I  feel,
Was full  of love.
Different hues in the sky
Made me understand
That world is full  of opportunities
To  make others  smile. 
The sun moving from east to west
Inspired me to  follow my path
And break no rules; 
Share the sunshine
With  everyone  who runs with me.
Like the hours of a day,
The life is limited.
Step out; Explore;
But by evening,
Come back to the people
Who love me,
Care  for me, 
And may still be waiting  for me.

Why his effigy is burnt?

Posted: February 6, 2013 in mom, poem, poetry

A question bothers  me a lot
And I search my soul
To find the answer.
Why I am attracted to
The character of a demon
Who is  infamously called  ravan.
That he had great  knowledge,
Is widely acceptable;
Then why we burn his effigy every year?
Was he more a terrorist
Than today’s terrorists?
Why can’t we give him mercy
When we can give it to terrorists.
His courage too I admire.
Knowing very well the end of his doings,
He did not change the path,
And moved forward to meet the dooms day,
With no guilt,
With full pride;
He faced his death,
But never cried for a breath.
We cheat others,
And change our behaviour,
Every moment and every day.
And we are forgiven
And also sometimes rewarded.
Why we burn his effigy every year?
Why he can’t be forgiven
By anyone anywhere?
Despite all his might,
He cared for all around him.
Why can’t we stop cursing him,
When we ignore those
Who find pleasure in others’ pains?
We never burn them
Instead call them a man!
Why his effigy burned every year?
Why he cant be ignored for Sitaharan
Calling him a man?
This question bothers me a lot.
Why I don’t find Ravan very wrong?
It might be because I see
A Ravan in all humans.
We seldom change our behaviours
Knowing very well
What is to come after momentary pleasure.
So, I think Ravan’s character attracts me
Because I know not much about demons
But that he was very human.
But I still do not know
When humans are burned
Only once after death
Despite all demonic behaviour.
Why his effigy is burnt every year?


Posted: February 5, 2013 in poetry, self composed

Fear of falling from the cliff
Prevents one from attempting to climb.
Fear of drowning in the deep sea
Prevents one from learning to swim
Fear of pain and deceit
Prevents one from giving all.
Fear of not being around
Prevents one from living without fear now.

Promises I made

Posted: February 4, 2013 in poem, poetry, self composed

Promises I made
When I could not see clearly,
The consequence of my word
Not being words merely.

Promises I made,
In a confused state of mind;
Now tough to keep;
I was a fool- they remind.

Promises I made
And kept, under all circumstances,
Need to change, not because of my whims;
But reality against tenacity balances.

Promises I made
Despite the fear of getting them wrong:
Promise to not promise,
Like double negation, makes affirmative strong.

I am a ghost

Posted: February 4, 2013 in poetry, self composed
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They make me feel like a ghost;
Do they do it deliberately-
I want to ask them this question.
Do I become invisible,
Or is their alibi in their preoccupation?
Do I become inaudible,
Or communication is beyond consideration?
What wrong did I do
To receive this cold reception?
Is it a one-off,
Or a series of unscrupulous repititions?