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My mother…

Posted: May 28, 2014 in self composed

THOUGHTS in my words till Poetry...

Dear MOM,

Flames burning from your ideas and emotions,

Light my inspiration and innovation.

Like Mountains standing upright unmoved by any forces,

Your ideals make me face and defeat all challenges.

In your sparkling eyes and refreshing smile,

I find support and hope enough to cover countless miles.

In the rivers that flow from your heart with affection,

I sail, in any season, happily through our relation.

Bringing Lord’s blessings down to this earth for me,

Your teachings solve my problems, set my bondages free.


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Look at the maid
Scrubbing paint off the floor.
What difference does it make,
Because she will anyway get paid?

What difference does it make
If, satisfaction, she cannot spell?
She will get it still;
I can only fake.

Time is moving,
I cannot stop,
As the sand
Slips away from my hand
And I can not hold;
What to do?
What to do?
I  loved you,
But could not help you;
My efforts were not enough;
So I was of no use.
It is good you chose others,
And moved forward with time;
But I could not;
What to do now?
I could not hold the time
And it slipped away;
What to do?
I am now of no use;
What to do?

Why is everything not optimum?
Where is the equilibrium?
Why is the formula impractical?
Where is the solution simple?
Why not be ideal
Where it is real?

Soon or late,
Huffy or happy,
It is all the same.
Or is it?
In the slower lane.

Sing the lullaby
That will make me fall asleep
Before I hear beeps.

Illuminated screen
Hammering wisdom of life
Into fertile minds-
Trying to simplify the strife?