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Time is moving,
I cannot stop,
As the sand
Slips away from my hand
And I can not hold;
What to do?
What to do?
I  loved you,
But could not help you;
My efforts were not enough;
So I was of no use.
It is good you chose others,
And moved forward with time;
But I could not;
What to do now?
I could not hold the time
And it slipped away;
What to do?
I am now of no use;
What to do?


My dreams

Posted: July 1, 2013 in mom, poetry

Dreams I see  when asleep
I am not able to recall
Because they were in my unconscious mind.
Dreams of my heart
I fear to recognize
Because they are under many social wraps.
Dreams of my life
I do not follow
Because they might not be fulfilled.
But then why do I still dream?
Only because they give me hope.

Because of you

Posted: June 28, 2013 in mom, poem, poetry

A soft touch or a big hug
Ensures me of my  presence
And my existence.
A whisper  or a murmer
Makes me sure that I am safe After all turbulence.
A smile or a tear in your eyes   Always  tells me  that life is worth,
Just give it a try.
Holding your hand,
I crossed all  forests barefoot
And never felt any pain
Because your compassion
Always gave me courage  to live   life  like  a  passion.

Young and Bright but Ill

Posted: June 22, 2013 in mom, poem, poetry

Who is the criminal-
We always try to find out
Whenever a rape, a robbery, or a scam happens.
We weep, we condemn and we shout.
But what about when a student commits suicide.
A young bright child is declared dead.
The culprit is always illness or some friendship
But we forget he got it all from the institute’s hardships.
The apathetic growling surroundings
Make him sick of life-
The life that he was trying to make rich.

Why don’t we shout at people around him
Who never bothered for him?
Why don’t we condemn the career
That did not make him happy?
Why can’t we ridicule those friends
Who pushed him just to finish faster?
Are they not culprits of that young bright child-
Who was fit when he came
But ill when he went away?

Don’t Stop Love

Posted: March 3, 2013 in love, mom

Love  is an emotion that is universal.

It is found in all and at all  times.

There  is nobody on this earth

Or even heaven who  has not felt love

For anybody any day.

When a child is born,

He has this emotion-

He is happy  to see his mother around

And feels her  touch and  smiles.

Love  makes even a child  smile,

So why  so much  commotion

When one  shows  this emotion

After  growing up?

Why so many ifs and  buts spring up?

Let love  spread through  all ages.

Don’t  put it in cages

Because  you can not stop  it.

It is better you  accept it.

In name of honor  killing,

You are  interfering  in  nature’s job.

So stop all this hullabaloo about love.

Let it flow  all  in air

If not, you are committing a sin.

This is a message from all  mothers’ hearts

Whose children have suffered brutalities

For loving  others-

Be it a nation or humans

Because  love is an emotion

You  cannot  stop!

Many have died for it

And many  more are yet to come.

I can do it for you

Posted: March 3, 2013 in hope, love, mom, poetry

I can wipe your tears;

The  pain from which they arose,

Only you  have  to bear.

I can console you;

But the injuries on your soul, I can not cure;

Only you can shrug them off,

And make your heart  clean and clear.

I can walk with you;

But I can not stop you from falling;

You have to rise again yourself.

Sympathy and empathy- I can show;

But I can not stand  for you.

So friend, move forward;

I pray for you,

And this, I think, is

The best support I can provide you.

Thank god

Posted: March 1, 2013 in mom, poetry

I pray to god everyday

I bow before him now and then

For all that he has given me-

A world so beautiful,

A family, a home and people around me- so lovable.

He has given me more than I expected

So whenever I am depressed

Due to the pains of life

I never feel alone

Because I feel him

And I am sure he is around me.

For all good I thank him

And  curse myself

For all bad

That happens to me and mine..