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Kinky Friedman, the prodigal poet of country music has written a tale of murder, mayhem. The central character is Kinky Friedman, also the narrator, and a very close friend of legendary actor and movie-maker Tom Baker, who died. A documentary that Baker had made on Elvis impersonators disappeared, while the only person who had actually seen the film, Legs, had been brutally murdered. Kinky has been asked to find the missing documentary. In the course of the search, Kinky explored his own deep, dark past, namely his simultaneous affairs with two women named Judy – Uptown Judy and Downtown Judy. Prompting this review of ancient history was the sudden reappearance of Downtown Judy ready to resume their relationship, and the sudden and mysterious disappearance of Uptown Judy. That these two plots would come together, and that the Elvis film would be found, was expected. Nothing else in this novel, however, dealt with anything remotely expected. With the help of his friends (the Village Irregulars Rambam, Ratso and McGovern), all becomes clear in the end. The Downtown Judy turns out to be just a creation of Uptown Judy to get away and start a new life. But here what matters more than the plot is Kinky himself–mildly obscene and frequently very funny, and not to forget, the pet feline, Cuddles, as close to the author as a human being. Kinky’s voice is feisty, irreverent, sweltering and exceedingly entertaining.