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Scribble tells a story

Posted: July 15, 2015 in poem, poetry

A little less bend matters,
A broken flow knows.
A tilt shatters,
A pause waiting – floating in the eyes –
For a rush to complete…

A crossed boundary.
A whiff of air,

There is a meaning. There is a story.


What movies you watch-
Doesn’t matter.
What foods you enjoy-
Doesn’t matter.
What songs you listen to-
Doesn’t matter.
What does?
Perspectives matter.
Values matter.
Thoughts matter.
The why’s more than the what’s.
The same old cliche-
The approach and not the answer.

I am walking
My pace is slowing
I need to be wound
To keep going on
So I don’t stop
So I walk further away
Some distance far and I will turn
I am meaningless if I stop
I will need winding again
And again

Look at the maid
Scrubbing paint off the floor.
What difference does it make,
Because she will anyway get paid?

What difference does it make
If, satisfaction, she cannot spell?
She will get it still;
I can only fake.

Time is moving,
I cannot stop,
As the sand
Slips away from my hand
And I can not hold;
What to do?
What to do?
I  loved you,
But could not help you;
My efforts were not enough;
So I was of no use.
It is good you chose others,
And moved forward with time;
But I could not;
What to do now?
I could not hold the time
And it slipped away;
What to do?
I am now of no use;
What to do?

Why is everything not optimum?
Where is the equilibrium?
Why is the formula impractical?
Where is the solution simple?
Why not be ideal
Where it is real?

Soon or late,
Huffy or happy,
It is all the same.
Or is it?
In the slower lane.