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Time is moving,
I cannot stop,
As the sand
Slips away from my hand
And I can not hold;
What to do?
What to do?
I  loved you,
But could not help you;
My efforts were not enough;
So I was of no use.
It is good you chose others,
And moved forward with time;
But I could not;
What to do now?
I could not hold the time
And it slipped away;
What to do?
I am now of no use;
What to do?


Blind in love

Posted: March 1, 2013 in mom, poetry

My  glorious past  was nowhere  by me;

In present, only love was there

Which I could  feel but could not see

What could be the future, I didn’t care

Because I was in love

And nothing could stop me,

Not even tears-

Tears of all who really loved me

And cared for me.

I could see no  tears,

No broken hearts,

Because I was in love;

I was lost in thoughts

And dreams

Which made me forget myself;

How then could I see what others feel?